Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meal Prep Sunday

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A lot of people at the gym meal prep, and it's definitely a good practice. For me, it's absolutely necessary for my success on the nutrition side of training. Honestly, if I fail to make time to prep meals for throughout the week, I will 100% absolutely end up making bad decisions.

I will get better at this meal prep thing. This past Sunday was actually a relative success. AND, while I don't really have too many pictures, I'll explain what I made.

NY Strip Roast, 3 lbs.
I had originally planned on picking up some pork, but I saw this on sale at Vons so I had to get it. I paid 20 bucks for a 3-pound roast, and while that's still on the pricey side compared to something like a tritip or a chuck roast, I'm glad I picked it up.

Heat up a charcoal grill really hot with the coals pretty close up, and get the oven up to 350F/175C. Get your roast out, pat dry, and liberally get some sea salt and coarse ground pepper all around. Make a paste of raw garlic and olive oil by food processor (or mortar and pestle, which would've been more fun but I couldn't find mine...) and get that on there too.

Grill the roast over super hot coals, couple minutes each side, starting with fat-side up. Cover the bottom of a roasting pan (or rectangular casserole) with sliced root vegetables. I used rutabaga and parsnip mainly because they were on sale. When you're done searing the roast, transfer it to the roasting pan right on top of the root veggies, then throw it in the oven to finish off. I went a little less than 45 minutes, or 15 minutes per pound.

Remove from oven and cover loosely with foil for 20 minutes. Trim off the fat from the fatty side. Carve the roast and partition out for your meals for the week. The roast should've come out medium-rare, except the edges which would've been more medium-well.

After eating a portion of the roast for lunch, I partitioned the rest off for four tupperware meals, each with a generous amount of beef along with the root vegetables that were at the bottom of the casserole dish, and some rainbow chard I wilted down in some of the trimmed-off beef fat and gristle.

Came out pretty good!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hand Injury

Pro tip: Milwaukee is not conducive to weight loss. Neither is being on vacation in general.

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Anyways, when I got back from Milwaukee I started my week 5 training on Monday and had a decent day, even hitting a 105kg snatch balance (which is a PR), and also 100kg for a double (which is a PR double). Unfortunately, I think something went wrong during my power snatches.

I was using straps, and perhaps something with the way I was strapped up caused a tightening in my hand during the turnover of the snatch. Throughout the workout I just shook it off, gave it a little massage, and moved on, but by the next day (Tuesday), I definitely had some swelling. I couldn't make a fist in my left hand that day, the next, and the next. By Friday morning I had become frustrated with missing out on decent training (I still did some work but nothing close to what I prescribed for the week) that I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Chad. He finally got my hand close to working.

Worth the visit.

So today, which is Monday (or 7 days post-injury), my hand ROM is at about 95% and there is still a little tightness when closing a fist, as well as very little bit of tenderness in the palm. I think I'm about 24-48 hours away from full recovery, but the reality is that I missed out on a week of training at the time in the cycle when it was pretty critical. It is 12 days out from the Army Navy competition, and I am not ready. I have decided to not compete.

I'll also refrain from competing at the following week's competition at Fortius since I want to focus primarily on coaching my athlete Ryan. I think he's gonna do pretty swell.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Short Week

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This week will be sort of a back-off before pushing hard one more week in the prep (or conversion-to-power) phase. After that it'll be about a week and a half of pre-competition and then a quick taper into the Army Navy meet. For those that are planning on doing the Fortius Open instead, they will extend their pre-comp phase to two and a half weeks and then the taper.

I'll actually be traveling to Milwaukee later this week, so I might not even get all that much training done, but that's okay. I'm just really stoked that I'll get to see Sarah after what feels like forever.

In other news, the interview went pretty well. More details to come!

Monday, March 17, 2014


I've got an interview tomorrow for something fairly important to me, and so I've been pretty stressed out about that for the past few days. My training has consequently suffered a bit, especially in the concentration spectrum of things.

So while I'm preparing for this interview, biting my nails, rehearsing answers to questions I'm expecting to get, and drinking copious amounts of caffeine, I wanted to take a minute to wish you all a happy St. Paddy's Day!

Last year's St. Paddy's Day meet. Ah memories!

This week continues with the prep phase of the program, where we'll continue to squat first to make the lifts a little more challenging, and we're upping both the volume and the intensity a little bit. The following week will be a bit of a backoff before ending the prep phase with one more big volume week at the sub-90% range. If you want to join in, or if you just want to see what I have laid out whether to critique or to study, you can see a copy right here:

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So here we go. Wish me luck everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm on a cut

I've been working on my nutrition for a little over a week. The weekdays went pretty smoothly, but the weekend was a little too rough with the beers (I shouldn't have beer at all on this cut, but that's another discussion). I also had a burrito, which caused some considerable weight-gain and took 2 days to level off again.

This week, I'm still working on finishing a pork shoulder I cooked in the Crock Pot last week. I've got a couple more servings before it's time to cook something new. I'm thinking I'll roast a tri-tip next. That sounds good...

Training-wise, it's still going. On Saturday I had a bro sesh with Ron over at RIMAC. I snatched 85 and missed 87. Clean & jerked 110 and missed 115. The snatch is sort of around where it should be at this point in the training, but the clean & jerk should have gone a little better, especially if I hope to hit something along the lines of 125 or 130 soon. I'm going to use the "I'm on a cut" excuse for now.

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Week 2 looks similar to week 1, except with a little more volume, some work in the 80% range instead of 75%, and residual hand discomfort from the chest-to-bar pullup thing that is CrossFit Open WOD 14.2.

Here's one of the sn pull (HB) + sn (HB) sets.

Here's a 110 clean (and almost double)

Also if you didn't notice from those Instagram videos, I got a pair of Power Perfect 2's that I'm breaking in. They're a great shoe. So far, I like them equally as much as my Adipowers. If you want a weightlifting shoe but don't want to pay the price tag for Adipowers or Romaleos, the Power Perfect 2's are fantastic.

Anyways, I originally hoped to weigh sub-100kg by today, but I'm now behind schedule. I will get sub-100 by Saturday.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Few Things

A few things...

  • It's Lent - Today is Ash Wednesday. That means Easter is just 6 weeks away. This year is going by so quickly. It's as good a time as any to sit down, self-reflect on things, and really just try and get more focused, religious or not.
  • I competed last week - We held a little in-house developmental meet at the gym which I participated in and got my first total for 2014. I did worse than what I had expected. I went 2 for 6, hitting 87 for an opener snatch and then 116 on the jerk after missing an opener 115. There's a lot of things that possibly contributed to the level of performance I gave, and when it all comes down to it, I just didn't execute as well as I should have. Time to move on.

    Sequence of my 87kg snatch, courtesy of Matthew E. from UCSD.

  • I'm still heavier than I need to be - I was originally giving myself until the beginning of March to sit below 100kg, but I lifted last weekend at 101.85 and have generally been training at around 102 or higher. This is due to poor nutrition, and because I know that that's the main culprit, I obviously know the solution. And, without sounding too much like a broken record, I need to buckle down. That is the most important thing to do right now. The PR's will still be there when I'm slimmer.
  • I signed up for the CrossFit Open - I don't exactly know why. Maybe solidarity. I don't regret it though. I love my gym, and the people who come in for CrossFit class day after day inspire me a lot in different ways than weightlifters do. On the weightlifting side of our gym, to many of our members I'm one of a handful of resources for them to come to if they have any questions, tips, or just need a coach's eye to watch a lift. However, on the CrossFit side, I'm strictly a student (and a freshman at that). It's a great learning experience for me both as someone trying to improve my fitness, and as a developing coach.

    Click here for my CrossFit Athlete Profile LOL

  • I'm planning to compete in April - There will be a competition in Carlsbad on April 19. The goal is to lift at 94kg, especially because last year I didn't make weight and competed at 97. I want to post a total at 94kg and THAT is the first and foremost goal. The next goal obviously would be to post an actually decent total. 225-230 is a slight reach, but realistic.
  • I'll post my workout plans more regularly - I'll make my weekly workout plans downloadable and in percentage notation so readers have an idea of what sort of effort I'm putting in. I'm still learning how to program and I'm just a beginner at it. Maybe some of you readers might have opinions about how I've laid out my plans and I'd love to hear it. Some of you other readers might be trying to program for your own athletes and maybe you might possibly perhaps get something out of seeing my plans, and so here it is for your educational purposes.

    Click here for Week 1 of 7

    So far there's just me and one other athlete following this template. Exercise selection is highly subject to change (we might pick a different variant of the lift depending on how things look that day), but the rep scheme and percentages, for the most part, will be followed. Week 1 is low-ish intensity because it's a transition out of a competition week and into a new cycle. Week 2 will look very much like week 1 but with higher rep count and slightly higher intensity. Also note that the overall volume takes into consideration the skill level of the athletes (I'm in the neighborhood of Class II, as well as my other athlete), and that the athletes will also perform the CrossFit Open WODs every Friday.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Snatch - 70 80 85x 85 70 75 80 85 70 75 80 85 90x

Snatch - 70 80 87 92 96x 97x
Clean & Jerk - 100 110 118 123x 123x
Front Squat - 90/2 110/2 125 135 145 155x

210 training total nbd

Made one more squeeze before a developmental meet happening on March 1. I think I'll do okay. I'd like 210 or better.

I've been working on reducing my back angle off the floor. It's still a little bit of a challenge when it gets heavier. I think I can get this to work better with some more pull work.

It's also time to start losing weight. I think I'm giving up alcohol and probably gluten for Lent.